Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Boat Playground 04/11/09 - It's Fab!

End of Neville Street, Clarence Gardens. Can be accessed by at least 4 streets, depending on means of transport and familiarity with suburb.

"It's got it all- it's a bit of a gem" said Nicos.

Strengths included:
Both Lil kid and big kid stuff
Instantly recognisable object (AKA the boat) in the middle of the playground
Picnic Table
Boat like a cubby house, also invites role playing (has wheel upstairs and down)
Far from any busy roads- surrounded by ovals, bbq area and dead end streets.
good size
stuff to climb
hill slide.
lil kiddy dual slides
tackles the open yet closed thing- with good sized lil kid specific space with fence and open space playground and other facilities beyond.

Opportunity to improve:
water fountain begging for arts project.
some found boat silver slide too fast.

and we met Meno and her daughter Nadhi!

no stars measured but we dug for negatives and didn't really find them- eg Upon the suggestion perhaps the toilets are too far away- Nicos said "it's got toilets!" and then made his opening quote.

Oh and there were hard rubbish treasures found and enjoyed - folding chairs and easel

Kiddies testing today were Nadhi, Jamilla, Asger, Fynnbar, Samadhi, May, Fini, Inni, Azi & Quincey

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