Thursday, November 26, 2009

2nd December. Mitcham Reserve

On Brownhill Creek. Street Address is Norman Walk (off Old Belair Road, Mitcham).
great spot for a picnic and a play.
Mitcham Council has maps and pictures and lists of what facilities are available for all their parks including playgrounds... Mitcham Reserve is at

So.. we shared fruit. Some even stayed for a bbq lunch. Everyone had a fine play- and we had some things to say about the playground including:

A Hit:
Ramp which leads to slide.
Great Scenic Spot- creek, bridges, trees, ducks, feeding the ducks
In fact the equipment wasn't the main attraction with most kids spending some time in the creek, or on the bridge or thereabouts

Room for Improvement:
Not enough toddler swings- in fact near main playground equipment, no toddler swing. One over bridge and another right at farthest edge of park- perhaps better if these were bigger kid swings who might enjoy having their own space...
Need more shade --no shade over main dual slide, ramp equipment, nor swings leaving them too hot to play with.

Spraying for Weed Control. Um.. kids, people playing, herbicide. Um.. no thanks. We thought this poor timing (it was peak hour at the playground, in addition to our group), dangerous and unneccesary (it seemed they sprayed places they were revisiting around posts and trees, why not whipper snipper them or... pull them out even).
And one large truck driving around park.. well.. one word- overkill.
Is Wed am lawn mowing day? This is the second time we've had council lawn mowing while together- the other being our first effort at Unley's Heywood Park.

The creek and the ducks and general scenicness of park meant kids and adults alike had a fine, albiet slightly nervous, angsty time (see OMG).

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fruit, shade and log borders are good